Ambae Island Volcano – Update

Ambae (also known as Aoba) is located approximately 270km from Port Vila in the north east of Vanuatu. The island is very remote and removed from other, more populated islands.

Due to Mt Lombenben’s volcanic activity on Ambae, the evacuation off the island has commenced and is expected to be complete by October 6, 2017.  The geohazard level has not changed and remains at level 4.

Fortunately, the impacts of Mt Lombenben are confined to a small area and it has been heart-warming to see other communities jump into action to support the people of Ambae.

SmartTraveller has advised that travel to Ambae should not be undertaken, however for all other locations in Vanuatu the travel advice has not changed.

International air services from Australia to Vanuatu continue to operate unaffected. However, flights to Walaha on Ambae have been suspended. Flights to Longana, also on Ambae, are continuing to assist with the movement of people off the island only.

For more information on flights please monitor the Air Vanuatu website:

Our thoughts are with the people of Ambae as they begin to settle into new surroundings.

Other areas of Vanuatu, including the main tourist spots of Port Vila, Espiritu Santo, and Tanna remain unaffected by the volcanic activity and continue to welcome visitors.

For further information on enquiries please contact the Vanuatu Tourism Office on +61 2 8077 3537.