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“It’s been right infront of you all along...”

We are going to launch a campaign that invites our public to reconnect with what truly matters by showing them that all the important things in life are sitting waiting, right in front of them, in Vanuatu. To realise our concept, we have taken inspiration from the teachings of meditation and mindfulness as well as research and studies on how to achieve inner peace and true happiness. These have formed the basis to generate a series of life affirming guidelines for the viewer to reconnect with what matters.

These 8 tenets will form the content pillars for our campaign creative and run through each element, including a TVC, website, digital display and photography. Our TVC tells the story of an older wiser person speaking directly to the viewer providing advice (the 8 tenets) on how to avoid the trap of working too hard and losing sight of what matters most in life.

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Stay tuned for more details for an incentive to launch later in 2017 for Australian travel agents.
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